Macquarie Legal and Governance

In this highly valued role, you will be responsible for the management and control of all our legal and governance functions. This responsibility includes leading each of our legal and governance teams on our MAM Private Markets platform in Luxembourg, managing legal risk and meeting stakeholder expectations in terms of good corporate governance and the effective and efficient operation of MAM Private Markets` Corporate Services function in Luxembourg. Support other governance issues such as the implementation of accountability mechanisms and the management of our legal entities Macquarie`s approach to corporate governance includes: Law for legal roles (a range of degrees may be accepted for governance roles). Our ideal candidate is an experienced, creative and flexible thinker with confident and strong written and oral communication. You are highly motivated, proactive, resilient and demonstrate good technical legal skills with good business judgment and strong interpersonal skills. This is a practical position that provides for meaningful participation in the activities of MAM Private Markets Luxembourg and requires the ability to work with stakeholders at all levels. LGG is led by an experienced team of practicing lawyers and governance professionals. LGG`s Head of Group General Counsel is a member of the Macquarie Group`s Risk and Compliance Committee and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Facilitate business transactions, legal advice and assist other legal services such as litigation and investigations Help advise our board, committees, operations and subsidiaries, including the shareholders of Macquarie Group Limited, Your strong stakeholder management skills in complex legal matters and your ability to build trust will be maintained in this role Welcome. You are a solution-oriented thinker with the ability to balance business and legal risks not only by identifying problems, but also by proposing viable alternatives to achieve desired goals. Macquarie`s environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment reflects our responsibility to clients, shareholders and the communities in which we operate. Our dynamic and independent function provides a full range of internal legal and governance services and protects and represents the interests of Macquarie, the companies and our employees. Our teams are at the forefront and are closely involved in challenging legal and governance work that is directly aligned with business outcomes.

The Legal and Governance Group (LGG) brings together the Macquarie Group`s global team of dedicated lawyers, governance professionals and the technical, management, legal and administrative staff who work with them. Macquarie believes that shareholders, regulators, credit rating agencies and the investment community should be informed of all material business events and risks affecting Macquarie in a factual, timely and generally accessible manner. Macquarie`s Continuous Disclosure Policy is integrated with its Continuous Disclosure and External Communications Policy. The Risk Management Group (RMG) is an independent, centralized function responsible for the independent and objective review and challenge, monitoring, monitoring and reporting of Macquarie`s significant risks. The Finance Division supports Macquarie`s operational groups through financial management and control, regulatory reporting and business consulting. In addition to centralized business functions such as regulatory reporting, legal entity control, and tax compliance, the division has dedicated business unit teams that work with and support each operational group. The Corporate Business Centre and Finance Unit teams are supported by Global Finance Services, which provide a cost-effective and scalable operating model for the division`s service delivery. Macquarie Asset Management is a global asset manager dedicated to creating positive impact for all. Institutions, pension funds, governments and individuals rely on managing more than $A 735.5 billion in assets worldwide, providing access to investment expertise across a range of skills, including fixed income, equities, multi-asset solutions, personal loans, infrastructure, renewable energy, natural assets, real estate and transport finance.

Enterprise Support supports the effective and efficient operation of RMG by providing centralized services for strategy, data management, analysis, change, projects, and learning and development in RMG. RMG Enterprise Support also supports Macquarie-wide training and risk monitoring. You have exceeded the maximum number of discussions with the employer for that month. Please try again later or contact customer service. Thanks to our size and international presence, your work can take you anywhere, across corporate groups, disciplines, industries and borders. With 18,000+ employees and offices in 33 markets around the world, we are a truly global company. Driven by strong risk management, we strive to continuously improve performance in our focus areas to create long-term, sustainable value. For more information, see the following documents.

Green Energy Assets in Operation or Under Management1 Business Improvement and Strategy provides advice and expertise to Macquarie and its affiliates. It helps them achieve growth and operational efficiency and facilitates Macquarie`s annual corporate strategy process. The FMG Central team supports all FMG functions worldwide and is responsible for data and transformation, projects and change, FMG communication as well as learning and development. The core team also implements Macquarie`s operational risk management framework. Based on what we stand for and our Code of Conduct, these focus areas reflect the risks and opportunities identified by the company as well as topics of interest to our stakeholders. They support and advise the Management Board of Macquarie Asset Management Europe Sarl (MAMES) and the management functions of MAM Private Markets Luxembourg. MAMES is the leading European asset manager of MAM Private Markets and acts as manager for MAM Private Markets` European funds. Regulatory Affairs and Global Risk aims to ensure Macquarie`s regulatory compliance, monitors overall risk for all types of risks, and provides model risk management and quantitative analysis. Macquarie Asset Management Private Markets in Luxembourg is seeking a Head of Legal and Governance for its Luxembourg office.

You will also have the opportunity to give back to the communities where you live and work. The Tax Division provides tax support to all areas of Macquarie, manages relationships with tax authorities around the world and ensures tax compliance. Macquarie Asset Management has been an active member of GRESB Infrastructure since its inception in 2016 and became a member of GRESB Real Estate in 2019. The Macquarie Group Foundation is Macquarie`s principal philanthropic organization. This team supports employees in their efforts to provide financial support, volunteering, and skills sharing to nonprofits around the world. Macquarie Sports, which encourages more than 6,000 children to play sports each year, and the Macquarie Group Collection, an art collection that reflects the group`s identity, are also part of the Macquarie Group Foundation. Credit Risk independently and objectively assesses and reviews Macquarie`s credit, equity and asset risk. Perhaps you will help advise large companies on acquisitions, restructurings and investments. Support commodity, energy, metals, futures and currency trading teams. Or even help people buy their first home, finance their business, and invest in their future.

The Group`s treasury is responsible for capital and financing, liquidity and interest rate risk management of Macquarie`s balance sheet. In addition, the company manages Macquarie`s liquid asset portfolio and is responsible for managing debt investors, rating agencies and banking relationships. Macquarie has supported the work of the Financial Stability Board`s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) since 2018 and has been an official supporter since 2019. LGG comprises five divisions, four of which are focused on the Macquarie Group`s business, and a central function united under the Group`s General Counsel with a common objective: to protect and represent Macquarie`s interests. In 2019, Macquarie joined RE100 with a commitment to source 100% electricity from our global offices and data centers by 2025. Macquarie has a non-hierarchical organizational structure divided into four operational groups. The Executive Committee governs the organization as a whole and consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer of Macquarie Bank Limited and the heads of Macquarie`s operating groups. The Business Services Division is responsible for the strategic direction, implementation and day-to-day management of Macquarie`s workplaces, business resilience, procurement and supplier management. Compliance maintains a comprehensive compliance framework to enable our businesses to meet their regulatory and compliance obligations. The currency stimulated the economy while retaining its intrinsic value, with the two new coins worth 25% more than the original coins. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when applications are open. Corporate Affairs actively works with a wide range of stakeholders to improve their understanding of Macquarie and Macquarie`s understanding of their expectations.

These stakeholders include governments, shareholders, investment analysts, the media, employees and the wider community. Macquarie has been a member of the Sustainable Markets Initiative since 2021. We are an active member of the Financial Services, Hydrogen and s30 working groups.