Medical Legal Consultant Houston

With medical legal advice prepared, you will receive all the important facts and information for your case. With these reports, you can determine the merits of your case and what to do next. RDoC does more than just provide data. We call, review and report a person`s medical history and provide the true medical history – a complete overview of the medical evidence behind your case. RDoC protects clients by giving them a deeper and clearer understanding of the medical factors that may support or undermine your strategy. MRC`s team of experienced nurses ensures secure retrieval of medical records and audits of medical records to assist insurers and government agencies in their audit processes. “There are few, if any, consultants I have worked with that I would recommend as enthusiastically as RDoC. Their medical, administrative and technological capabilities, as well as their flexibility and openness to customer needs, make them an ideal entrepreneur. RDoC offers a range of services for the health sector. Our utilization management solutions help hospitals meet their medical needs and audit, and help them correctly classify admission status the first time. And as a full-service company, we deliver more than facts. We retrieve, review and report medical timelines and deliver the true medical history – a 360-degree view and comprehensive analysis of medical evidence impacting legal affairs, audits and medical necessity programs.

Our team of medical records and nurses will relieve headaches related to the proof of your case. We act as case recovery specialists, business advisors and forensic support, streamlining complex case development processes and empowering teams to make strategic decisions based on concrete medical facts. Effective RDoC solutions bridge the gap between medical history and a feasible legal strategy. “I have worked closely with RDoC on a multi-billion dollar litigation over the past seven years. RDoC has subpoenaed provider medical records in all 50 states, conducted medical record reviews, provided nursing advice, timelines and individual guidance to discovery and study teams for over 10,000 cases that I personally mentored. I have found RDoC`s work to be consistently excellent and has been an integral part of our successful litigation in these cases over the past few years. RDoC`s innovative and personalized services enable clients to make informed business decisions based on medical knowledge. Whether large or small, RDoC can meet your needs for file retrieval and medical review.

Our adaptable methodology allows us to meet the requirements of complex projects while maintaining data integrity and compliance. RDoC is proud to partner with the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and provide a range of services that protect the reputation and bottom line of the brands we serve. From identifying, assessing and treating adverse events to retrieving medical records and managing records, our team of experts ensures that our clients are fully supported with all regulatory compliance and litigation requirements. Strengthen your legal strategy with a competent and credible nurse by your side. RDoC provides world-class litigation support and medical knowledge to legal service providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. MRC`s solutions provide comprehensive and clear medical evidence, enabling customers to make informed business decisions based on facts. It takes a village to assess the complexities of medical care related to medical events, so at MRC, we offer you exactly that – a team of the most experienced and reliable legal advisors and case recovery specialists in the country. When it comes to audits and legal matters, you want experts by your side.

RDoC`s record retrieval service is faster, safer and more accurate than others. When you hire a certified legal nurse consultant, you save time and resources in relation to your practice needs. As a registered nurse with over forty years of clinical and educational nursing experience, the connection between medicine and law has always been interesting. Since both professions have a variety of specialties, they are similar in that the importance of completing a task can only be achieved through dedicated precision and a commitment to excellence. As the owner and president of the company, my team and I are uniquely qualified to analyze medical cases and produce informative reports based on specialties designed to complement your areas of expertise. RDoC provides valuable strategic advice and guides our clients through the complex processes of retrieving medical records and reviewing medical records. We leverage industry best practices and offer a flexible and customized plan to support successful legal outcomes. RDoC offers transparency in true medical history and gives you the freedom to make decisions that make a difference. Trust certified nurse legal consultants with medical experience in complex cases to help you with your legal affairs. Experience in a variety of specialties gives you an inner perspective to win your medical law cases. Our company works with attorneys in their medico-legal cases involving medical and/or nursing malpractice, personal injury, product liability, toxic tort/environment, workers` compensation, workers` compensation, criminal matters and any case where health, illness (physical or mental) or injury is an issue.

Our innovative, HIPAA-compliant technology streamlines the record retrieval process and provides visibility. Our customer portals provide real-time reporting and tracking tools to monitor the records retrieval process, giving customers a complete view of the status of their records. Approved users can see every due date, every action taken, every progress score, and every record received. RDoC provides an experienced and dedicated project manager who is available 24/7 to plan client policies and monitor each project. This single point of contact allows clients to access our resources, services and strategies at any time. With RDoC by your side, you can take your discovery, deposit and study preparation to the next level. Our flexibility saves you time and money and keeps you satisfied. We understand the costs associated with managing your processes, which is why we offer streamlined and cost-effective solutions to help clients manage and maximize their budgets for major litigation or other initiatives. We offer a simplified and competitive pricing structure with cost-sharing options. “RDoC is a key member of DuPont Legal`s network of primary service providers. Our in-house legal department and network of law firms have achieved excellent cost-effective results through RDoC`s WiseFiles case retrieval, nursing examination and process management system. In addition, their Lean Sigma orientation and commitment to customer service ensure positive business interaction.

I recommend them to business consultants who are trying to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality. MRC`s treatment services are secure, reliable and scalable. RDoC aims to make the customer experience as seamless as possible, which is why our professional staff travel to customers` homes or work in our own safe and remote locations. If changes or adjustments are required, RDoC project teams will give due consideration to these adjustments. We will strive to find the relevant facts of your cases to determine “merit” in order to save you time and resources in relation to your practice requirements. And you can be sure that our work will be carried out with the utmost integrity, knowledge and experience that meets your expectations. We want to work for you! We provide our clients with 24-hour access to our staff, innovative tools, solutions and resources, ensuring real-time access to up-to-date project information, visibility and tracking, management, data analysis and budget compliance. Our staff and databases are always available and available to our customers.

Users can approve or reject fee approvals, authorization requests, and subpoenas as they arrive. With over forty years of nursing experience in the United States and Canada| Examples of work products available upon request.