Personal Protection Dog Laws

You should also consider the personality of the dog in addition to its breed. A Schutzhund must be confident and assertive without being pushy or aggressive. You also need to be sociable, trainable, and loyal. Security is priceless, but you should consider how much you can spend before getting a watchdog. If you want to learn how to do it right, buy a well-behaved working dog and get involved in one of the working dog sports. Learning sport dog training is rewarding and a great hobby. Some sport dogs can be reformed as personal guard dogs, just as some sport dogs can be reformed as police dogs. Most of us like the idea of taking a dog out of a shelter. Saving the lives of these dogs and giving them a forever home is great. Unfortunately, in most cases, shelter/rescue dogs are not genetically produced or bred for work environments. Unfortunately, they have a low success rate in being trained as guard dogs.

It can happen, but the percentage is small. If you want to save money, this is not the way to go. However, the success rate increases with the corresponding expectations. For example, if you just need a dog to be healthy, happy, social, and simply be an alert dog, the chances of finding one in a shelter increase. 3DK9 Protection trains dogs for personal protection, drug and explosives detection and more. Contact us to find the perfect Schutzhund today. Trained dogs have been used in military and police work in the past. The army uses them in combat and as scouts, guards and trackers.

Police use them to arrest, track and identify suspects, track down illicit substances, deter crime, protect officers and control crowds. (See Dog Bites Act, Police Dogs.) They have also historically been used to protect livestock. (Bryce Reece and Bonnie Brown, American Sheep Industry Association Recommended Best Management Practices for Livestock Protection Dogs.) Hand-picked – A personal and family watchdog should be an asset to you, your family and your lifestyle. At Integrity K9 Services, we breed our dogs properly with great love and affection. We select and train only the best dogs of different breeds, including hypoallergenic and non-retired dogs, so we can pair the best dog with you. First, we will divide the term “Schutzhund” into a few categories and distinguish them from dogs intended for other purposes. Perimeter/Security Dogs: These dogs have the highest level of alert to a threat and are one of the fastest ways to deter or neutralize a threat. The downside is that they can be exposed very quickly and are often underqualified if the threat has a weapon.

They are usually not near the manipulator for protection and risk being poisoned by those who want to invade the area they guard. They are rarely large personal watchdogs because they are trained to protect an area, not a person. Protection is also a dog sport. The best known Schutzhunde are called Schutzhunde. “Schutzhund” is German for “Schutzhund”. Schutzhunde are trained in tracking, obedience and protection and tested as companions for humans as well as endurance. “The most important criteria for evaluating protection work are. [t]he balanced training, the confidence of the elves, the ability to work under pressure; Hardness; Resilience, robustness, healthy nerves and indecision to take instructions (commands), responsiveness to the handler. (United Schutzhund Clubs of America, USCA Working Dog Trial Rule Book, page 47, accessed 15.02.15.) There are three IPO studies and dogs are evaluated on who they pass. A trained guard dog costs between $15,000 and $40,000. If you go to a cheaper breeder, you can have an aggressive and uncontrollable animal. At least one Schutzhund was a pit bull that was trained as a Schutzhund AND as a service dog.

The dog, which belonged to a disabled woman in a wheelchair, had to be euthanized after attacking a third party who had not provoked it in any way. (Dog bite law, can a service dog also be a guard dog?.) I`ve had a few occasions where customers haven`t checked with their owner`s insurance, homeowners association, and/or city and county bylaws on allowed dog breeds and sizes. Some of them were able to make it, others did not. It is always best to know the rules and regulations in advance. In rare cases, I have had clients who had problems with their neighbors because of their new watchdog. Never, as long as all other regulations are followed, has it stopped them from keeping the dog. You are in the best position to know if this could become an issue that you should clarify in advance. Most importantly, every person should investigate local and state laws before getting a Schutzhund, as there are thousands of them that are all different and change regularly. Contact us to find out more about our dogs and see if a Schutzhund is right for you. I have a four-year-old corso-pit mix that resulted in obedience, and I paid for what several people and his website say is a trainer known for biting and protection. Make sure your home environment, vehicle, food, daily grooming, training time, exercise, and veterinary plan are set before the dog arrives. Like all dogs, they become more expensive as they get older.

Let`s say you get a Schutzhund – expect to spend at least $100 a month to feed it, a few hundred a month to maintain training, and a few thousand a year on quality veterinary care. One would expect the initial cost to range from $8,000 for a full K9 Alert to $25,000 to $30,000 or more for a K9 Elite Personal Protection, all of which should be fully guaranteed for health and ability to work. You`re considering a 12- to 15-year-old commitment at best, and it`ll be like having a 7-year-old who can`t take care of themselves in our human environment. There is a big difference between guard dogs and guard dogs. A guard dog protects your property, but a watchdog protects you and your family. Early socialization is the key to an effective Schutzhund. They need to learn as puppies to be comfortable with them and protect their owners without attacking or barking at their friends and family. Delivery Difference – We spend three days with you at home delivering your personal watchdog so you have the best training and gluing experience in our industry. Our professional and experienced trainers will show you exactly what you need to know and do to get started with your dog and develop a good long-term relationship. They will give you instructions on what to expect and what to do when they are gone so you know what you are doing. We are also available for follow-up calls and are happy to assist you with your concerns.

The types of dogs I avoid for my personal protection and are usually those that are overly aggressive and protective, nervous, prone to aggressive anxiety, impulsively edgy, obsessed with equipment (bite handles, etc.), shy and/or defensive. I also stay away from dogs with known health problems, especially genetic ones. When people ask me what I think about buying a Schutzhund, I tell them to go out and find a nice dog. If they are really concerned about their safety, they should have a nice big dog; Learn how to manage the dog in your home. We have a low-cost online course on how to handle your dog) and also learn how to train obedience. We have many obedience training courses. It is very difficult to calculate accurate data on how often dogs keep bad guys away. If a Schutzhund does his job well, then most encounters never reach the point of an official police report.

Most bad guys will probably think twice before entering properties where barking dogs are present, let alone trained guard dogs. As an experienced military dog trainer and police officer with 28 years of experience in the industry, I want our dogs to serve as an effective deterrent. This increases the likelihood that potential attackers will move to an easier target. I know there are so-called “professional dog trainers” who offer guard dogs or claim to protect a client`s dog for a fee. I will have to accept that I disagree with these people. Some of the worst cases I`ve heard from potential clients over the years include statements like, “I need a watchdog now.” This rush can be a real or perceived threat with little planning and without thorough consideration of the dog`s needs. As if that weren`t enough, this plan almost always comes with the buyer saying, “I can only spend X, and Y is too much.” What I mean here is that there are unscrupulous dog dealers who sell dogs that come from these different Schutzhunde sports. They put a sleeve on their lure and then show their potential client how tough this dog is.

In fact, the dog is a sport dog and not a personal protection dog. There are three broad categories of watchdogs; Guard and fighting dogs, sniffer dogs and personal or family guard dogs. They each have specific tasks, and knowing the differences will help you choose the one that best suits your needs. A trained guard dog costs more, but it gives you better protection and requires less strengthening. We love our dogs and so do you. We want our personal and family watchdogs in the best possible homes to do their job of protecting and being your best friend at the same time. Don`t forget to protect our dogs, which you can`t replace. Take a look at our selection of dogs here. To find a qualified trainer, word of mouth is preferred. You can search online and check social media, but almost anything can be distorted there. I would never buy a dog of any kind without having personally worked with someone for years and trusting them in every area.