Sarasota County Legal Aid Office

If you have a civil law problem but can`t afford to hire a private lawyer, you can still access the legal system through your local legal advice and legal aid organization, which provides free or low-cost legal services to low-income people. Information on many of these local services can be found online at the websites listed below. Florida Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal clinic where qualified users ask their civil law questions. Volunteer lawyers register on the website, select questions to answer, and provide legal information and advice. Users receive an email when they answer their questions. Is there support for wrongful dismissal? I need immediate help with the landlord/tenant Problem with dangerous electrical repairs Removal of the deceased`s name from the deed and addition of children Do I have to remove the deceased husband`s name from the deed since it was given to me in his will? How to avoid reduction. I must remove the name of a deceased brother from a certificate St. Michael`s Legal Center for Women and Children, Inc. (813) 289-53859445 Camden Field ParkwayRiverview, FL 33578Bankruptcy, Family and Foreclosure Defense I must hire a duty lawyer who also handles criminal matters.

I am not the criminal, but the person trying to take my daughter is. I am about to be evicted from my apartment by my fault, the house has been sold and the new owner wants to renovate and gives me two weeks to move.