Why Might Legal Rules Be Insufficient for Fulfilling One’s Ethical Responsibilities

When managers or executives of a company exhibit a lack of ethical behavior, the relationship between laws and ethics is not always clear. While we have the legal right to do something, that doesn`t necessarily mean it`s ethically justified. Although Taft pursued many of Roosevelt`s policies, he was inclined to examine the facts of the situation and make a decision based on evidence. Roosevelt, on the other hand, was more inclined to do what he thought was “right.” Their disagreements, based on the gray areas of legal and ethics, ultimately deepened the rift within the Republican Party in the 1912 election. Two of the case studies on this page provide more detail about the cases discussed in the video, and a third case study explores legal rights versus ethical responsibilities regarding presidential duty. Snyder v. Phelps investigates how free speech was brought to justice when Westboro Baptist Church attended the funeral of U.S. Marine Matthew Snyder. Dr. Vs Magical Putter explores the debate over journalist Caleb Hannans` ethics when he revealed the subject of his article, Dr. V, as a trans woman. Presidential Approach: Roosevelt & Taft examines the legal and ethical dimensions of two extreme approaches to the exercise of presidential power. For a case study that explores the legal rights and ethical responsibilities of medical care and informed consent, see Patient Autonomy and Informed Consent.

To learn more about ethical responsibility, check out our series of videos that will be the best of you. These videos explore various important elements for making moral decisions and acting ethically. Part 1, Moral Conscience, examines the ability to recognize and appreciate the ethical aspects of wort decisions. Part 2, Moral Decision Making, explains how to give a reasonable and defensible answer to an ethical question. Part 3, Moral Intent, explores the desire to act ethically and overcome rationalization in the face of choice. Finally, Part 4, Moral Action, describes the steps needed to turn the intention to do what is right into reality. For example, a company may get a lucrative contract because a little money could be certain of the benefits and costs of acting unethically in business.docx Legal and ethical issues of medical marijuana The debate over legalizing marijuana use is rooted in real-world issues such as crime and violence. To learn more about the concepts covered in this and other videos, see Deni Elliott`s workbook Ethical Challenges: Building an Ethics Toolkit, which can be downloaded for free in PDF format. This textbook explores what ethics is and what it means to be ethical, offering readers a variety of exercises to identify their own values and reason through ethical conflicts.

Activities that promote discussion of ethics in relation to other institutions such as law and religion can be found on page 20. As a journalist, it was Hannan`s duty to uncover the truth and provide a fair and complete account of the story. From Hannan`s perspective, Dr. V`s secret gender identity was closely tied to her fabricated academic and professional history. Ultimately, the invention of the putter became the background to his story, which Hannan framed around what he saw as Dr. V`s life of deception. On the other hand, Dr. V. had insisted from the beginning on preserving his privacy and did not want the story published.

A few months before publication, Dr. V. committed suicide. The author and the website had the right to publish what they did. Neither Hannan nor Grantland are legally responsible for Dr. V.`s decision to end their lives because of the publication. But having the legal right to do something is not the same as fulfilling one`s ethical responsibilities as a professional. Grantland acknowledged that its publishers had difficulty deciding whether or not to publish the article. And the site apologized for not consulting members of the trans community before the story was published.

Employees are so busy moving forward and making more money that they ignore procedures and protocols. In addition, employees who feel they are acting ethically and following the rules, not advancing them in business, sometimes feel a lack of motivation, which often leads to a loss of performance. If I have sold the products to customers, the conditions set out in the contract apply that we are not responsible for maintenance work such as natural disasters, fires or lightning. Unfortunately, there are quite a few products that have been damaged by lightning after only 2 or 3 days of use (of course, the warranty still applies). Legally, contractually our company was not obliged to repair the defective equipment. However, I think it is ethically right to help with repair. 1. What differences do you see between Roosevelt`s and Taft`s views on their ethical responsibilities as president? loses the respect of its employees.